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Why NXG for your Cloud Enablement Services?

Holistic Approach

NXG defines and drives cloud roadmap for enterprises at every stage of cloud adoption to derive business value over multiple transformation horizons


The ability to scale infrastructure and talent, with robust certified talent pool on cloud platforms across all stacks

Strategic Partnership

Partnerships with industry-leading cloud platforms ensure deep technology expertise and client-centric solutions

NXG Cloud Enablement Services

NXG helps businesses of all sizes unlock their business workflows’ full potential by offering our unbeatable cloud enablement services.

Cloud Development Solutions That Create Long-Term Value

Cloud computing has dominated the business technology landscape for over a decade now, and NXG has spent that period perfecting the art of cloud application development and migrating on-premise systems into the cloud. We can optimize your current cloud solutions by consolidating infrastructures, standardizing outmoded environments and otherwise modernizing individual resources.

Cloud App Development

We develop and deploy cloud applications, each designed to be browser-agnostic, future-proof and highly scalable. We combine mobile-first design techniques with inscrutable server-side programming and rich database functionality to create high-performance enterprise cloud apps, including ERPs, CRMs and much more. Our integration services allow for cloud applications to deploy in public, private or hybrid environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We’ll work closely with your IT team and managed service providers to migrate apps, workflows and whole enterprise infrastructures to the cloud using thoughtful migration methods that limit system downtime and ensure data integrity. We also supply platform and cloud infrastructure refactoring services, if necessary. Whenever possible, we opt for parallel and automated migration methods.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Consolidating your applications and services in the cloud with a hybrid solution on public and private servers. Cloud architecture is critical for eliminating siloed data and ensuring mission-critical processes “communicate” with one another. We leverage enterprise service buses and service-oriented architectures to streamline data flows and publish your APIs in the cloud to facilitate easy third-party integrations.

Cloud App Containerization

Our cloud services provide app containerization services, abstracting operation system kernels so multiple cloud applications can perform consistently no matter what environment they’re deployed to. We specialize in Docker containers, which facilitate cloud development processes, effortless remediation, and maximum scalability, but we can also opt for Docker-less containers if the need arises.

"As-a-Service" Development

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions including CRMs, social media, ERPs, marketing automation, geo-locating services, and document management configurations. We have experience writing code for various Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) build-outs using SAP, Azure, and Oracle for speed, ease, and dependability.

Cloud Backup Solutions

To guard against disastrous system outages or data losses, we can construct community-based, distributed, inter-cloud and multi-cloud solutions. We have experience building cloud storage solutions that live on most popular IaaS offerings – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to name a few – as well as combinations of multiple hosts.

Cloud Security

Cloud deployment models provide encrypted Cloud-based data storage. We provide industry compliance and regulation development for HR, medical and legal software environments using office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Azure. Our integration of CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) ensures our Cloud storage solutions and API’s are protected from breaches and compromised data.

Cloud Document Management

We provide end to end encrypted cloud storage solutions and modifications. Our record management solutions integrate cloud-based data storage using hybrid, public and private servers. Your company can go paperless to store, retrieve and version documents using e-filing capabilities. We provide data governance for information repositories using cloud document management solutions using Informatica integration.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Cloud Experts

Certified AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Offshore & Nearshore Support

Cloud Consulting

We offer premier consulting in all areas of cloud:
Our services span across compute, data, storage, network and big data.

Managed Cloud Services:

As part of our managed cloud services, we provide a complete solution that includes:




Google Cloud

Oracle Cloud

From Doing Digital to Being Digital

NXG works with organizations around the world to engineer robust, secure, cloud-based digital platforms on AWS that transform them into modern, digital enterprises. Our SAP on AWS Cloud solutions enable you to increase innovation, scale business services and improve operational agility.
Hosting SAP solutions on AWS can present challenges from building a business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. As a certified SAP Global Solutions Integrator, NXG offers you the partnership, experience, frameworks, tools and accelerators to overcome these challenges. NXG’s SAP on AWS Consulting team can orchestrate your SAP cloud migration end-to-end, whether it’s an isolated portion of your landscape—such as disaster recovery, or training or prototyping or a fully provisioned S/4HANA cloud integration with the ongoing managed platform as a service (mPaaS). By deploying SAP on AWS, we can help your organization to:
NXG’s Pega on Cloud offers industry-leading cloud infrastructure, enterprise-grade services and optimum operational excellence for hosting applications built with Pega. This helps you build applications faster and cheaper with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.


High maintenance costs and lack of efficient infrastructure operations plague on-premises applications. To stay relevant in a highly competitive markets, enterprises need to transform their legacy IT. There’s value in migrating to cloud-based infrastructure via Pega products but there are also challenges, such as:
NXG’s Pega on Cloud offering empowers your enterprise by upgrading and migrating your Pega applications to the cloud. We leverage our unique IP for cloud transformation to deliver the Pega solution suite in environments hosted on leading cloud platforms. The core components of NXG’s Pega on Cloud offering are the Pega suite, enterprise solution and underlying security layer. The benefits and value to your business include:

Accelerate Business Innovation

NXG’s Hybrid Cloud delivers a secure, integrated and managed platform to orchestrate applications across multiple cloud landing zones
To offer differentiated products and services that deliver the ultimate customer experience as well as to stay relevant and competitive in the digital economy organizations must reimagine their business models and reconfigure their IT backbones. That means moving to an agile infrastructure that leverages a seamless hybrid architecture, including public and private cloud platforms.

NXG’s Hybrid Cloud offering enables you to benefit from new cloud technologies to bring powerful improvements while optimizing your existing IT investment. You can dynamically orchestrate application workloads between the public and private cloud, and unify your underlying architecture with integrated processes, tools and comprehensive governance.

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