Hire Experienced Virtual Reality Developers

Our VR computer programmers are exceptionally knowledgeable about VR programming advancement, designing new VR software solutions from scratch, and changing existing solutions to create a special custom-adapted methodology.

Virtual Reality Software Development

We customize enterprise software solutions such as Oculus, Google DayDream, VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR Hardware using industry VR design tools such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk 3DS Max, A-Frame, and more. We help companies to drive client commitment and enhance operational productivity.

VR Games

With NXG’s superior quality delivering pipeline, fast iteration abilities, writing tools, and industry-driving development experience, we can design an exceptionally vivid VR game to rejuvenate innovative dreams.

3D Tourism

We foster VR-empowered 360-degree visits intended to feature areas in full view and virtual map visits associated with intuitive 3D guides, alongside CMS incorporations to empower quick and advantageous content updates.

Corporate Training

We modify simulation-based employee training software to assist companies bring about organizational and educational targets for conquering work environment challenges in a protected, vivid learning climate.

Hire Experienced Augmented Reality Developers

Our expanded reality software developers engineer new AR software solutions starting from the earliest stage or patch up your present solution with custom integrations to make a definitive vivid and realistic experience.

Augmented Reality Software Development

Our group of profoundly experienced and skilled software developers makes convincing, vivid, and smooth AR and VR software solutions, empowering organizations to more readily layout their brand awareness, associate with audiences, and train representatives, while likewise giving gamers an entirely different method to play.


We foster AR software solutions for the e-commerce industry, empowering customers to experience items in 3D inside their genuine-environment so that they can decide confidently.

Marketing & Advertising

We make profoundly interactive and vivid experiences that add energy to marketing campaigns, product launch ads, corporate occasions, online media campaigns, and more.

Industrial and Medical

We engineer AR software solutions intended to enhance proficiency and limit errors for medical experts and industrial technicians during complex cycles and high-pressure techniques.

Mixed Reality Software Development

We offer full-cycle MR software development services including 3D displaying, delivering, finishing, content development, and system integration to fabricate spatially mindful, cloud-based, and cross-platform MR applications.

3D Data Visualization Platforms

We plan 3D information representation stages to give a clearer comprehension of enormous informational collections initially, permitting clients to uncover particular information patterns and examples that may not be as quickly apparent with 2D perceptions.

Internet of Things Integration

We empower your current virtual, augmented, and blended reality headsets and hardware solutions to communicate with sensors, regulators, cameras, position trackers, and other IoT-associated gadgets through seamless integration.

Computer Vision Software

We incorporate computer vision software with picture investigation, facial and feeling recognition, biometrics, and medical picture analysis for enhanced workflow automation, reinforced security, and data analysis stimulation.

Custom AR/VR Software Solutions

We incorporate computer vision software with picture investigation, facial and feeling recognition, biometrics, and medical picture analysis for enhanced workflow automation, reinforced security, and data analysis stimulation.

AR/VR Mobile Application Solutions

NXG leverages multi-stage AR, VR, and MR advancements to make vivid cutting edge mobile application solutions viable with cell phones, tablets, head-mounted presentations (HDM), head-up shows (HDU), computerized eyewear, and other IoT-empowered gadgets.

AR Applications

We foster custom AR applications with impressive 3D items, pictures, animations, and video content to convey exciting augmented experiences and hone competitive benefits for organizations.

VR Applications

We plan, model, create, test, and deploy state-of-the-art VR applications utilized for vivid gaming, workplace training and education, 360-degree visits, experimental promoting, thus considerably more.

MR Applications

Our MR applications offer an expanded field of view, further developed UI, and improved 3D representation for performing vivid stimulation and instructional courses in different professional industries.

Mixed Reality Solutions

We give blended reality development solutions utilizing trusted cross-stage instruments, equipment mix, and cloud security to convey smooth, perfectly clear 3D visualizations. These projections collaborate with real-world surfaces and react to commands for a more natural and instinctive experience.

AR/VR Gaming Solutions

Our gaming development specialists make profoundly vivid, state-of-the-art AR and VR gaming solutions, exhibiting dazzling top-quality visuals, full-circle encompass sound audio, rich collaboration models, and continuous adaptability to convey a definitive gaming experience.

AR/VR Workspace Training Solutions

We offer end-to-end learning platforms that raise performances, enhance retention, and streamline engagement. Our AR/VR workplace training solutions unite the software and hardware expected to deliver sensible, vivid, and reliably significant training at scale.

AR/VR Software Integrations

We offer third-party tool integrations inside your current AR/VR solutions to make a custom product that fulfills business needs and streamlines client engagement.

Virtual Reality Software

We integrate custom elements into existing VR software solutions to make the ideal vivid experience for your business needs.

Augmented Reality Software

We integrate third-party tools into your current AR software solution to make vivid, augmented reality experiences and environments applicable to your business.

VR Visualization Software

We adjust existing VR visualization software solutions to integrate 3D models, animations, and delivering for your particular industry.

AR Visualization Software

We modify your AR visualization software to incorporate with AR SDK platforms, making a customized AR experience for your business.

VR Devices

We incorporate circuits and reference designs to make high-quality headset displays and exceptionally vivid client experiences

AR Devices

We make explicit modifications and incorporate unconventional features to make a custom-tailored approach to your current AR gadgets.

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